• WCACS 2017 - Banff, Canada
  • WCACS 2017 - Banff, Canada

    To continue our productivity we will be inviting all clinicians, technicians, researchers, and innovators concerned with the art and science of disease and conditions of the abdominal wall and contents to Banff in June 2017.
    In addition world class research and teaching laboratories at the University of Calgary will be available for additional seminars, labs, and hands-on tutorials before and after the Banff Meeting.

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WCACS 2017 Embracing the Concept of the Abdominal Compartment as a Functional Whole

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The 8th World Congress of the Abdominal Compartment Society in Banff in 2017 follows on the previous successful meetings in Ghent, Cartagena, Colombia, Orlando, USA and Dublin, Ireland, Antwept, Belgium, and Noosa, Australia.

The WSACS was formed in Australia after the second World Congress in 2004 and was primarily a multidisciplinary society of clinicians involved in day-to-day care of seriously ill and injured patients. Although originally a small the Society has been incredibly productive in writing and knowledge translation with the generation of a textbook and Internationally accepted Consensus Guidelines concerning the Definitions, Management, and Research Methodology, which undergo continuous re-evaluation and reassessment with new knowledge. As such the Society has recently updated its practice guidelines on ACS is fostering a greater understanding worldwide of intra-abdominal hypertension and ACS.


New name: WSACS - The Abdominal Compartment Society

Recently the Society adopted a new name “WSACS - The Abdominal Compartment Society” as the abdominal compartment syndrome is no longer the sole target for the society. The physiology and pathophysiology of the abdominal compartment as a whole better describes the current focus of the society’s efforts and we found ‘Embracing the Concept of the Abdominal Compartment as a Functional Whole’ to be a suitable theme for the 2017 meeting. In addition to the still critical role of saving lives through treating and more importantly preventing the deadly abdominal compartment syndrome, intra-abdominal hypertension remains a ubiquitous and poorly understood condition in potentially every serious medical/surgical condition and much basic science and epidemiologic work needs to be done to delineate what is treatable from what is inherent.

Notable initiatives of the Society are to welcome all clinicians, allied Care-givers, Basic Scientists, Innovators, and Industry partners interested in Abdominal Compartment Physiology and Disease to collaborate and catalyze the efforts of each other. For instance we are welcoming Basic Scientists exploring intra-peritoneal cellular and biomediator behaviour to meet Surgeons reconstructing failed abdominal compartments and maternal health specialists exploring provocative hypotheses in eclampsia/pre-eclampsia to think-tank in the beautiful and stimulating incubator of knowledge that is the Banff Centre.

WCACS2017 meeting in Banff, Canada

Thus, the WCACS2017 meeting in Banff will host 300 delegates from around the world to address issues relating to the care of critically ill patients. I would like to encourage you to come to Banff to enjoy what will be one of the great meetings of 2017. There will be much for all. There will be general sessions for those less experienced in abdominal physiology, cutting edge research for the experts, and all sessions and dialogue will allow industry to understand the future directions of care in the diverse aspects of care of all abdominal conditions in a range of patients from the catastrophically ill to those well but at risk.

Finally, although the focus will be on learning and education, it is not just a coincidence that Banff-Calgary is a jumping off point for no less than four UNESCO Heritage sites NOT including Lake Louise a short drive up the Highway. Although it can snow any month of the year, typically June weather is spectacular and we recommend you try to stay a couple of extra days for site-seeing that should be on everybody’s bucket-list.

Dr. Andrew Kirkpatrick CD MD MHSc FRCSC FACS
Professor in the Departments of Surgery and Critical Care Medicine
University of Calgary and Foothills Medical Centre
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
President of WSACS – the Abdominal Compartment Society